When We Fail

A man alone, broken by divorce and a weakened heart, determined to make changes in his life so it doesn’t happen again. He relocates to the coast, but disaster strikes during a moment of distraction. The consequences force him to stay for a while. A growing romance makes him want to stay forever. But in the end, he finds he hasn’t changed. The habits that drove him before simply relocated with him, threatening his chance for happiness and a new life.

Like so many of us, he makes mistakes. He fails. Messes things up, even though he had the best intentions.

In Psalm 8:4 we read, What is man that You are mindful of him? We wonder such things when people, and mankind overall, behave so miserably.

But God in His infinite mercy can, and often does, use even horrible mistakes for our sanctification and His glory. That’s the lesson learned in Fall and one all Christians should learn.

Sometimes those lessons hurt. Sometimes they hurt others. But for Believers, there is always God’s grace.

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