Glimpses of “Taylors Mill”

For reasons I mentioned in a previous post, River of Life is set in the South Carolina Upstate. Taylors Mill—the fictional town in which the story is set—is modeled after the real town of Greenville. It’s a beautiful place with a charming downtown and a waterfall, both of which are represented in the story.

As Vicky’s world expands, so does the settings. She visits one of the many peach orchards in the Upstate, which is located a wee bit closer to the Blue Ridge Escarpment than this field is:

The action also moves to one of the Upstate’s state parks known as Table Rock:

And a waterfall:

The settings are meant to enhance the story, but at times, the story and characters step back to enjoy the settings. With beautiful places like these, can you blame them?

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